Accent Furniture

Accent furniture is one of the most important parts of home design because they place a home from being pretty to pushing a consistent theme and style that makes a house to the next level. Accent furniture can include accents, rugs, wall art, pillows, and lamps. They may be accessories but they are the things that push the envelope and contribute images and patterns that add to the overall style of the house. Also, accent furniture is a type of addition to the home that is not only decorative but necessary. A couple of examples of this are: rugs protect wood floors and are easier to clean, pillows provide comfort and cushioning, wall art brings more color to the house and protects the walls, and lamps bring light to the darker corners of rooms. Though the most important part of choosing accent furniture is narrowing down the theme of your home to certain pinnacle ideas and colors, and everyone is able to do this when they stop by River Valley Furniture.


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