Dining Tables

Dining tables are the first thing that people see when they enter a dining room because they are the largest piece of furniture in the room and the only piece of furniture that people sit at and eat at. So, considering all of this, a dining table has to be the perfect centerpiece of the room. At River Valley Furniture, our dining tables are exemplary and stylized to be an attention grabber but also able to fit into the style of the room. The array of options with dining tables that we have is too much to put all of them down but some of the styles of dining tables are long, short, cabinet tables, wood finish tables, marble finish tables, tables with fabric chairs, and tables with wood chairs. So come on down and pick out the table that is right for you and for your dining room.

Photos depicted are only a portion of our inventory. Please call or come in to see our truckloads of inventory available.