Fabric Sets

The hardest part of designing a room is figuring out what colors and what types of furniture go together. Now part of that process can be done for you with River Valley Furniture’s fabric sets. Our fabric sets are color matched and style matched; some of the combinations are, couch and chair, couch and couch and chair and chair. These combinations have been selected by our style team to be the best of the best in comfort and style. The only thing that you should worry about is which combination works for you. If you would rather choose what goes together yourself then we have tons of different options that can be put into thousands of different configurations. However, if you would like buying furniture to be simple and easy, then consider looking at our fabric sets and our extensive leather sets. Because here at River Valley Furniture, our main goal is to give you the furniture that makes your house feel perfect.

Photos depicted are only a portion of our inventory. Please call or come in to see our truckloads of inventory available.