About Us

River Valley Furniture was founded in 1995 by the Duvall family to serve the River Valley Area. Located in Russellville, Arkansas, the furniture store enterprise has since continued to serve the River Valley Area with its wide variety of furniture products and amazing community. One of the ways River Valley Furniture has grown is through the building the company currently operates from. In 1998 the warehouse facility, which is now a storeroom, was finished and has also recently been remodeled. The now larger space offers a way for customers to browse River Valley Furniture’s vast selection of furniture and home accessories in comfort.

Danny Duvall says, “The going was rough at first because we had to gather the right furniture and design a building that customers would feel good walking into. As we grew, River Valley Furniture started to gain a following through our quality and diverse selection.” Also stated by Mr. Duvall is, “Our custom design center enables our customers to have many select furniture options with several quality brands. We now have the largest inventory of quality American made leather furniture between Little Rock, AR and Oklahoma City, OK.”

Along with their leather selections, River Valley Furniture offers a wide display of fabric sofas, chairs, recliners, reclining sofas, bedroom suites for adults and children, decorative pillows, accents, and wall art. With so many options you will be able to transform your space to give it a “uniquely you” look. “Our only hobby is serving customers.”